The Fogles

Meet Josiah & His Family

Josiah is the proud dad of Liam, Caleb, and Tyler and is married to his beautiful bride, Christy. Josiah and Christy met in college and found a passion for swing dancing which has ultimately led to their love story. Josiah and his family live in Fredericksburg, Virginia and love to spend time outdoors biking, roller blading, and playing fetch with Kenna and Loki, their two dogs.

Josiah at Work

Josiah is on the Resource Team with Self-Publishing School, a company he loves being a part of. SPS is a company with a passion to change the world through the leveraged impact of books! Not only did Josiah write, publish, and learn to market his books through the SPS program but he has also helped thousands of other authors get started in their self-publishing journey! For more information, feel free to click on the image to the left and book a 15 minute chat with Josiah to learn more.

Grandpa John

Stories With Grandpa was inspired by the legacy of my Dad, John Fogle. As you can see in this picture, which was taken in early 2016, Christy and I were young and had only married for a little over a year and a half. Later that year, in October of 2016, my dad went home to be with Jesus in Heaven. He died the same week we found out that we were pregnant with my first son, Liam. It hits me hard every now and again that my boys never got to meet their Grandpa and my prayer is that one day they will meet him in Heaven!

These books are not only a testimony to my boys, but to countless other kids that Jesus loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. I am sharing these stories of the Gospel or Good News that their Grandpa would be sharing if he was alive today.

Until his last days, Grandpa John was someone who was sharing the message that God loved each of us so much that He sent His Son to die in our place! I hope you enjoy reading these stories, learn more about the Bible, and if you don't know Jesus, I would be honored to share more about Him with you!

Grandpa John loved Jesus and was called to be a missionary to the Philippines for many, many years. Grandpa John was an example of someone who did not grow up knowing Jesus, but came to know God through someone sharing with him. He then, like Eleazar, held firm to his sword, the Word of God, until he went home to be with Jesus in October 2016.

God used him to impact thousands and thousands of people through the ministry of Word of Life Philippines. John started with no seminary degree or formal theological training. Over time he ended up becoming the Academic Dean at the Word of Life Bible Institute as well as a respected speaker and very skilled teacher of the Bible. He was someone who took the Great Commission seriously.

Even when facing cancer and coming to the end of his life, he prayed desperately for opportunities to share Jesus with his doctor and nurses, one of whom has a relationship with Jesus now. For anyone who knew him, that story is not surprising; Grandpa John’s love of Jesus was obvious.

Stories With Grandpa is a collection of stories designed to honor the memory of Grandpa John but more importantly point to God and give Him the Glory.

My prayer is that through reading this book you will be encouraged. If there is anything I can pray for, or if you want to know more about Jesus and what a relationship with Him is all about email me at