Stories With Grandpa

Generational Impact

A life was changed when John Fogle was handed a book in the 1970's.  Goals that were originally set for security and comfort were exchanged for a life lived by faith.  

At John's funeral there were more than a few people who quoted John 1:6 "There was a man sent from God, whose name was John."

There are now eighteen grandchildren that have Grandpa John's legacy to look back on.  Stories With Grandpa is one avenue for them to do that.  It is through these lessons and stories with Grandpa and Buddy that we hope you get a glimpse of a man who's life was lived for something bigger than himself.

Stories With Grandpa is a collection of stories designed to honor the memory of Grandpa John but more importantly point to God and give Him the Glory. 

What are the readers saying about Stories With Grandpa 

The power of believing

"A powerful children's book introducing concepts such as faith, honesty, courage, love, sharing, and self-confidence. The principles are universal and thus apply to all children. I enjoyed reading it and I am convinced that children will enjoy this book much more. A captivating read!"  ~ Meera

Wonderful children's book about God's strength

"Grandpa John is such a great teacher to his grandson, Buddy!  So relatable for young children who enjoy spending time with their grandparents. Grandpa John helped teach not only the stories of the Bible but the concepts and applications in

an easy-to-understand way. I love how Grandpa John talked about King David's mighty men and how his grandson Buddy and any child hearing the story could be mighty, too.  A great way to share God'sgifts of strength and courage for young kids" ~ Jane Vernalia

David's Mighty Men

Learn about how God gave some of King David's men some super strength and how he gives us the same power today!

Small, But Wise

Join Buddy as he learns some pretty big lessons from some pretty small creatures!

Prayers With Grandpa 

Learn the practice of prayer with this prayer guide for kids!

The Turtle Shell

Enjoy this fun poem about the Turtle Shell!

Coloring Book

Enjoy this fun poem about the Turtle Shell!

Enjoy Reading Stories With Grandpa!